Rheumatic Heart Disease

If you want to prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease, don’t ignore Rheumatic Fever let it progresses into the deadly disease.

Rheumatic Hear Disease is a complication of Rheumatic Fever. If rheumatic fever damages the valves of the heart, Rheumatic Heart Disease will occur. The permanent injury of the valves of the heart can lead to various complications and is potentially life-threatening. Learning about both conditions and how to identify them will help prevent them from happening.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

Symptoms of Heart Disease are diverse in nature; their appearance depend on the area of the heart that is damaged.

The Rheumatic Heart Disease or RHD in the past was one of the most severe types of heart ailment for children and adolescents. RHD includes the injury and malfunction of its membranes and the entire heart. The frequency of RHD in children and adolescents has been greatly reduced due to the  use of antibiotics against the GABHS bacterium which causes Rheumatic Fever.