Symptoms of a Stroke

Symptoms of a Stroke has two major categories; the Hemorrhagic Stroke accounts for 15% of stroke incidence.

This condition refers to the extravasations of blood in the brain or the intracranial or subarachnoid hemorrhage. The condition can be possible if there is an evident bleeding in the ventricles, the subarachnoid space and other tissues of the brain. The primordial cause of intracerebral bleeding is the impulsive rupture of small blood vessels due predominantly by uncontrolled hypertension.

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms

Cerebral palsy symptoms are very significant in determining the type of cerebral palsy a patient has.

The manifestations of CP are typically barely discernible in the early years of life. They may become evident as the nervous system of the patient matures. These symptoms may not progress into fatal manifestations but they can cause incapacitating effects to the patient.