Diabetic Recipes

Diabetic recipes and diabetic desserts are vital in persons with diabetes because these make their blood glucose level controlled.

Many diabetics avoid pleasures in life to control and manage diabetes mellitus. A lot of things need to be monitored every single day including: food intake, physical activities, medicine dosage etc. However, the main factor that is greatly influenced by the disease is the patient’s diet. Practically, his meals are devoid of flavors. He needs to avoid eating foods that are extremely high in carbohydrates like those mouth-watering sweet chocolate desserts. He should not eat foods high in sucrose content. He is prohibited in eating fatty foods. This diet that many diabetics undergo is called a diet plan.

Basically, a diet plan is formulated by a licensed dietitian and helps to normalize the blood sugar level of diabetics. This includes several diabetic recipes and diabetic desserts that are good not only for the body, but also for the taste buds of the patient. These foods meet the needed amount of nutrition of the individual and also satisfy his cravings.

What are Diabetic Recipes?

Diabetic recipes are specially created for individuals with diabetes. These consist mainly of low-fat foods. The typical ingredients for these recipes are meat, vegetables, fruits, fish, and whole grains. The foods made from these recipes are considered rich in nutrition and doesn’t make the diabetics deprived himself of the foods he used to eat.

Diabetic recipes are formulated by incorporating most ingredients that are in the base of the food pyramid. The base of the pyramid is mainly comprised of non-fat to low-fat foods. The recipes used for each day should consist of the following.

• It is said that a minimum of six servings of starchy vegetable and whole grains should be eaten daily. One serving of these foods include: one slice of bread, 1/3 cup of cooked rice, one small potato etc.

• For each day, the person should ingest at least four fruits. The fruits that are recommended are banana, green apple or orange. These fruits should be natural and not canned. Natural fruits have high fiber content and have the capacity to lower cholesterol levels. Canned fruits are not good to eat because they are submerged in syrups that have high sugar content.

• He is asked to have two to three portions of meat or its substitutes. These include a medium-sized pork, fish fillet, baked chicken etc. In chicken, the healthiest portion is the breast part because it consists of the white meat. Meals that have spareribs, hotdogs, and sausages should be avoided because of its high-fat content.

What are Some Guidelines in Choosing the Right Diabetic Recipes?

In selecting the right recipe, the following pointers should be considered.

• Choosing the way the food has been cooked is very important. It is important to remember that serving fried foods for diabetics should be avoided. Broiling and baking food are the best options. A good example is choosing baked chicken and baked potato over fried chicken and french fries. If the food should be fried, draining of the fats or oils should be done first prior to serving.

• Low-fat meats like fish and chicken should be chosen as the primary ingredient for the recipe. Eating fatty beef and pork should be minimized.

What are Diabetic Desserts?

For most people, desserts are the things someone looks forward to in a full course meal. However, many diabetic patients avoid desserts. This is because desserts are very high in sucrose content and will possibly make their blood sugar rise. But with the formulation of several diabetic desserts, the taste buds and cravings of the patients are now satisfied.

What Kind of Diabetic Desserts are Highly Recommended?

Wide-ranges of desserts are commercially available in the market today. However, it is important to note that these foods are not all recommended for diabetics. Some desserts have really high sugar content. Here are some of the guidelines in choosing the right diabetic desserts.

• Use of artificial sweeteners. Researches have been made to find a new substance that can mimic the sweet taste of sugar. The results of these studies are the production of artificial sweeteners. These are available in the form of powder or liquid.

• Fruits over chocolates and sweets. Fruits such as banana and green apple which are rich in fibers are good choices for the main ingredients of the dessert. The amount of fiber is very high for these fruits. It doesn’t only participate in the digestion, but also has a big influence in controlling blood sugar. Chocolates, on the other hand, are high in fats. Although, it is not surprising if low fat dark chocolates are now available.

As a whole, diabetic patients do not deserve to suffer by adjusting their meals every day. Because of the formulated diabetic recipes and diabetic desserts, eating those flavorful foods is not a problem anymore. However, it is still important to consult the doctor before any changes in the diet be made.