Gall Bladder Symptoms

Patients with gall bladder symptoms are mostly not aware of their disease until they were diagnosed to have the condition.

Gall bladder symptoms are evident in people with gallstones. These stones are formed in the gall bladder, which contains the bile. This body structure is a pear-shaped tissue located just underneath the liver. It hoards the bile veiled by the liver. Bile is a watered-down liquid created by the liver cells that is essential for digesting substances in the intestine, specifically fat. Liver cells unveil the bile into smaller canals connected to the liver tissue. The bile surges through larger hoarding ducts and canals within the liver, called intra-hepatic bile ducts. This bile then runs through the numerous intra-hepatic ducts away from the liver and into the extra-hepatic bile ducts. The process starts from the hepatic bile duct, then flows inside the common hepatic duct, and lastly inside the common bile duct.