Signs of Colon Cancer

Signs of Colon Cancer are become more and more common as people age.

The incidence of Colorectal cancer increases as the population age but it is also moderately common with young adults. The earlier it is seen and diagnosed, the sooner the treatment can begin. Early treatment can save your life, so it important for you to learn to identify the typical symptoms and signs of colon cancer and how to screen for it.

Colon Cancer Diagnosis

Colon Cancer Diagnosis comprises of a series of tests that will confirm the existence of cancer.

Cancer of the rectum and colon for the most part is adenocarcinoma cells that arise from the epithelial coating of the intestine. It may commence as a benign polyp which may then become a malignant one that can invade and damage normal tissues and metastasize to adjacent organs. Cancer cells can transfer away from the prime tumor to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and the lymphatic system.

Stomach Flu Symptoms

Stomach flu symptoms have to be something everybody dreads.

Nobody would want to spend half of their day in the bathroom, sick with stomach flu. It is one of the most uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing, conditions out there. What if you had to work that day? What if you have a very important meeting? What if you had to do a presentation? Could you even imagine yourself in those situations? I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with stomach flu symptoms. They may have even had it once or twice in their life. But do we really know what causes it? And how do we treat these symptoms? We cannot just stay in the bathroom forever, right? This article is all about stomach flu symptoms, what they are, their causes and treatments. So if you want to know more, then read on.